It was a mission to redecorate my home which led to an online search on the effect of colors for different spaces in the house. Is Red good for the bedroom or will blue help with a better nights sleep. The more I kept reading, I kept stumbling upon articles suggesting that people have colors which can be favorable and not so favorable for them and all this information had some vague referencing to Feng Shui. Google obviously threw some great adverts in my face that talked about a Feng Shui course in Dubai; a stones throw away from my home! So I signed up and went for my course…

I went in looking for decoration tips and came out with a knowledge so interesting that once you study it, there is no going back! You cannot look at numbers and colors the same way you grew up learning them. You develop your own language for them once you study the Chinese Feng Shui!
The Feng Shui course was followed by a course in Bazi (or commonly know as Four Pillars of Destiny) and I-Ching – all of which I studied with Grand Master Raymond Lo.

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