Web Design and Development

There are probably 10 different platforms (or more), that allow you to build your own website. If you choose to outsource this service to an agency then you have the complexity of choosing which platform should you work with, will the website be scalable as your business grows, choosing the best hosting providers, management of the website and so on.

At Digital711, when we take on a client for website design and development, we take on the role of your developer as well as your complete digital strategy consultant. We listen to what you want, and tell you what you need.

Website development is not only about creating an online presence but consider it as a digital version of your marketing collateral. It is the first introduction of your business to your customer. Your website should tell a story about your work and more importantly about your company; and by extension its employees and culture.

We ask the tough questions that force our clients to think before and beyond design and development of their website. What is the message they want to convey on their digital space? Why are they developing a website? How will they market this website? How will they monetise their website? How soon do they expect to scale this website?

Once the hard part is over, we work on the design and development to deliver websites with the latest technology, trending designs and user interfaces that have been tried, tested and succeeded.

Our Web Design Services

  • Responsive Website Development
  • Dynamic Web designing
  • Static Web Designing
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • And more…
So what platform is best suited for your business needs?

At Digital711, after the initial project kick-off meeting with the client, our project manager and team of web developers study each business individually and recommend the best platform. Every business has its own requirements so your website must be functional but also scalable; if and when needed.

Our web developers bring forth all of their skills to create a site geared towards your business goals, with an intuitive interface for the best result. From basic sites to complex e-commerce portals, we deliver all. Our expertise extends to several platforms such as:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • OsCommerce
  • And More…
What makes us stand apart?

The quality of our websites is not negotiable! We do not leave a client until they are satisfied with what we have built for them. We build websites that actually work and deliver results – as expected. Beyond the design briefing document.

Are you ready to get a brand new website? Contact us today to get started!